Lumberjack Chic

Monday, March 18, 2013

Top: H&M (Similar)
Tank Top: Old Navy (Similar)
Vest: American Eagle (OR this)
Bottom: Zara (Similar)
Shoes: Zara (Similar) or (OR this)
Sunglasses: Ray Bans (gifted(Similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch (Here) or (OR this)

Happy Monday...the weekend is over already?! Le sigh..

Lumberjack chic.. that's what my husband called it (and wanted this title to be named exactly that..) when he saw my outfit yesterday when we ran errands. hahaha.. what a funny guy! ;) Lately I've really been into pattern mixing and it's been fun getting creative with my outfits! Such as mixing plaid and camo together! Who would've thought..? And plaid has been one that haven't been on my 'want' list but I saw this top at H&M on the cashier girl and thought, "Hey! That's actually really cute.. and I want it!

What do you think of plaid and how would you style it? 

On a side note - my weekend was pretty good and relaxing! The sun decided to come out shining for us Seattleites but yet still really windy.. hence why I wore all those layers above! But the highlight of it all was getting to go watch Brian McKnight perform.. that was AH-mazing!! Definitely took me down memory lane back in the day when I listened to his songs in high school! It was a great show! Then afterwards, we all got to meet him in person and take pics. :) He's really nice and super tall! haha...

Yay... he spelled my name right! I'm used to it by now but my name always gets misspelled! haha..

My Misikko giveaway is still going on to win an Hana 1" Professional Flat Iron (here)!

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  1. cant believe you met him that's sooo awesome!!
    and i love your pants :)
    also, i can see why you would call this the lumberjack outfit haha you're a cute lumberjack though!!

    The DayLee Journal

  2. ooh love this! great pants and love those heels :)

    XO Meghan

  3. love those heels and the wrap bracelet!

  4. Omg sooo fun!! And I Love how you styled the camo pants with a vest - super cute! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  5. love your sunnies dear ^^
    kiss and happy start of week

    follow me on:
    the simple life of rich people blog

  6. I am a big fan of plaid and I really love how you mixed it with camo! That is really neat that you got to meet Brian McKnight!

    The Tiny Heart
    Avon Giveaway!

  7. That pants are so nice. Have a great monday.

  8. Great mix love it:)--Hair like in the 50's--

  9. I was a big fan of Brian McKnight! Awesome you saw him perform!!!!! :) I feel like listening to his stuff right now! hah.

    You look great! I love the 'lumberjack chic' look to be honest! ;)

  10. A very risky combo!! But I like it!!
    Already following on Bloglovin'!! ;-)

  11. Glad you had a great time! I am loving those shoes..really need to get me a pair of Zara heels! xo

  12. I wouldn't have thought to mix camo and plaid, but it looks great on you Sheila! =)

    Avec Amber

  13. Awesome look, my love.

    Thank you for your awesome words.



  14. I used to love Brian McKnight! And I love the camo jeans with the plaid shirt and vest, SO cute.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. cute outfit. pattern mixing is so fun and love those pants with the heels! lovely as always!

  16. Interesting post! great look!

    good luck

  17. your shirt sheila is a cool plaid. love your camo pants and heels. i think it's so cool that you got to meet him. he looks personable. have a great week!

  18. Love your look!! beautiful as usual!

  19. Whoa, how cool it THAT? I love those zipper sides on your pants. Eek, so hot! hi, I'm being rude. I'm Renae and we are on the group GIVEAWAY tomorrow with Sharon. Just wanted to say hi today and get to know your fun spirited blog here. Glad I did.

  20. Love me some Brian! Lucky girl!


  21. oh love this look! Adore the vest and the camo jeans. Perfect outfit for these windy days we've been having!

  22. from head to toe, i love the entire outfit. you look so beautiful love! xO!

  23. Lovely outfit Sheila! :) aww... I can't believe you got to meet Brian KcKnight. Love him.

    What Jess Wore

  24. I love mixing different prints together too! :)

  25. Brian McKnight! how fun :) Love your lumberjack chic outfit! :)

  26. Super fun weekend you have Sheila. I have the same top too from H&M and I live with it kinda like my mommy uniform. Thanks for sharing........


  27. Absolutely lookin' great dear Sheila! :) Love the rockin' hot pants and cool jacket!

    ★♡ New Outfit Post (^_^) ♡★
    ~♦◊ The Nude Truth ◊♦~
    Styling black, beige, nude, camel colors!

    ❤ ~Chai
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  28. ahh lumberjack plaid w/ camo ADORE!! omgosh what a cute combo.. would never have thought to put those two together but it's soooo freakin' cute!! love it on you babe!

  29. I love your lumber jack chic look and that bracelet is so adorable on you too! Great post and I need to find some camo skinnies like that


  30. Very lumber jack chic! You look amazing and I love those heels! The zipper detail on your pants is perfect too! :) <3

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  31. because of you, I am now considering those pants -_- lol! -Del

  32. Love those pants! I just ordered a pair of camo ones from Gap, and I am so excited to get them in. Glad to be doing the Tiny Heart giveaway with you!

  33. Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog and now following :)


  34. Those heels look great with the camo pants!

  35. I'm loving the mix of plaid and camo!

  36. Love the bracelet so much! I like the look of the camo pants. I've seen a lot of blogs featuring camo and I'm still on the fence about it, but these are pretty cute!

  37. Love your camo pants!
    I'm a sucker for plaid and wear it with any and everything under the sun, be it a dressy, fancy piece, a work wear pencil skirt or casual denim!
    Juneli from Fasionably Yours

  38. love the mix of prints and your jeans are awesome!

  39. love the pattern mixing!! for your raybans - do you remember if you got the medium or large size?? i am debating getting a pair and not sure which size!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  40. What a clever concept to mix cameo with plaid! I love it, and you rock it so well Sheila!

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