Belated New Years

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dress: c/o Aeropostale (Here)
Tights: Target (Here)
Shoes: Target (Pricey version)
Necklace: c/o SammyDress (Here)
Bracelet: c/o SammyDress (Here)
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop (Here)

Happy Tuesday!

First outfit of 2014! I had wore this particular outfit to a friend's New Years Eve party. I wanted to wear this lovely black chiffon dress that I chose from the Bethany Mota x Aeropostale collection just because I really like how the dress drapes. The cross necklace gives the dress an elegant touch and pairing it with some colorful tights was perfect to party in. ;) I also added some silver accessories including this unique eagle/hawk claw bracelet that I received from Pretty cool huh? I like that it's adjustable and able to cuff it lower or upper on the arm. 

As for my New Years resolution, I always have the same one each year but this time I am going to keep it more realistic and spend more time with friends and family. I seem to always be busy which is a good thing but never have enough time for others around me. I need to start making those dinner/lunch plans! 

What is your New Years resolution?

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  1. Cute outfit! -Del

  2. That dress is so pretty! I love how you paired it with the colored tights...they really pop!

    The Tiny Heart
    $50 PayPal Giveaway!

  3. Love the colored tights, they pull the whole thing together! That's a great resolution. If my family didn't live so far away, i would definitely have the same goal. I'm going to try to be more proactive this year! Happy new year!

    PS I'm running a super awesome give away, you can check it out right here!

  4. Happy New Year! Love this look!


  5. You look fab. Love the tights...what a fun little addition. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  6. lovely look! The dress is great on you!

  7. LOVE that you wear tights in a color other than black! Very cute and the necklace is darling. I'm trying to cook 90% of our meals at home b/c early in my pregnancy we went out to eat a bunch b/c I didn't feel well and we got unhealthy! Happy New Year!

  8. I love those tights paired with the black dress. you look great! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  9. Those boots are amazing! Love the color of your tights too, and that cool bracelet! Happy New Year!

  10. Great dress, nice look and awesome... your smile! ;-)

  11. That cuff is SO cool! And happy belated new year to you too!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  12. So loving the color of your tights!

  13. Happy new year, glad you're back! Your tights are great, I love them with black!

  14. i like your new year's resolution! i feel like as i get older, i get busier and my relationships get left behind! things need to change this year!!! btw totally agree with your dress choice bc of the beautiful drape! and...if you're hesitating on the buffalo check vest...GET IT! I LOVE IT!

  15. That is such a beautiful dress! Love the color combination!


  16. WOW that bracelet!!! Just wow! With so much "statement" jewelry going around these days I feel like it's all the same. That bracelet was the first accessory in quite some time that made me say wow, great style. I found you through Totally Posted Tuesdays! nice to meet you.

    Angie from
    reasons to dress take a glimpse into my euro mommy life

  17. You are so cute! :) love the bangle and boots

  18. oo this is such a pretty dress, especially with the colored tights! i love that claw bracelet too :)

  19. Your bracelet is so cool!

  20. Great outfit!
    Those shoes are beautiful!

  21. very nice!!!!!

  22. I love your blog

  23. Great outfit. I'm loving the bright colours!!

    Those are some killer booties. Like....seriously.

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That


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