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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top: Madewell (Here)
Bottom: Gap (Similar)
Shoes: Old Navy (Similar)
Sunglasses: Chanel (old(OR this)
Purse: Chanel GST (OR this)

Happy Tuesday!

Ever now and then I love taking a day trip down to the Pike Place Market with the Hubs (and occasionally our furbaby, Kobi) especially when it's nice and sunny out! Even though I've been there many times, I feel like it never gets old and I just love picking up a bouquet of fresh Spring flowers! They also have great shops like my favorite French bakery, Le Panier and being able to walk down to the waterfront and over to downtown for some retail therapy shopping. ;)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your jumper xx

  2. beautiful pics, love the jumper.


  3. Nice pictures! Your dog is really cute!


  4. Love your bag! And your dog seems super sweet!

  5. The flowers are gorgeous! Love the pop of color your shoes add! Looks like a great day!


  6. Kobi is so cute!!! -Del

  7. Oh how I miss Pike Place! It's always a must-visit for me when I visit Seattle. I'll have to settle for our farmers markets for now :) Cute outfit too!

  8. Cute and cozy outfit. Sweet smile and hairstyle. Handsome dog as well. You are as pretty as all the flowers you are holding.

  9. That sweater looks comfy,
    loving the bouquet, so beautiful :)


  10. I Love the pics, is that a Shiba Inu? So cute. We have a beagle...can't take her anywhere too focused on food or anyone around and not enough about walking.
    Love the blog
    Thank you

  11. you and your doggy are so cute together! <3 love your sweater too! :)

    Metallic Paws

  12. Oh wow , your shoes are dreamy sweetie ., want them so bad !!!you look beautiful in this post


    - My new jersey travell ootd , tell me your opinions ladies

    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  13. Cute sweater! And those flowers are so lovely! Aren't fresh flowers the best?!

  14. Lovely photos - I love the sweater and the shoes...such a cute colour!!

    Layla xx - hope we can follow each other :) xxx

  15. I love going to the local market with my hubby too :) It's the perfect way to spend the day! Pretty flowers!

  16. argh i'm so jealous you have such easy access to pike's market!! beecher's mac & cheese are what dreams are made of (for me lol!)

    your bien shirt is so so cute love it!

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