Splurge vs Save: Chanel Boy

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Thursday!

If you had seen my previous post, you would've noticed my quilted crossbody bag from Dailylook that I recently got. The whole reason why I had gotten it was because it reminded me of the beloved Chanel Boy flap bag that I would so love to have in my closet (someday) *sigh*. I went to go check it out while in New York at the Chanel boutique in Soho and it was so pretty in person and I just love how structured it is. But sadly, I don't have the Chanel Boy in my current budget (plus the Hubs would not be thrilled getting me another Chanel right now..) so what a girl to do? Well I spotted this look-alike on another blogger, Linh Winn and did a double-take thinking it was the Chanel Boy. But after looking at her outfit details, it was actually from Dailylook! And for the fraction of the price!! How amazing. :) Now of course who wouldn't love to get the actual thing but why not in the meantime score something close to it and still get a resemblance. 

So here is my Splurge vs Save:

            Left: Chanel Boy flap bag (Here) $4000.00       Right: Classic Quilted Purse from Dailylook (Here) $39.99

Please tell me what do you guys think and if you would rather splurge or save!

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  1. I love Chanel as much as the next girl, but I would go with the save here - so cute!

    Kristina does the Internets

  2. I love that bag but i think i'm on the save on this one! 4k is a bit steep but perhaps one day in the far future, i'll get it... haha

    Grace www.ouihui.blogspot.com

  3. Wow! What a great find, It is such a lovely look alike!

  4. What a gorgeous bag! It definitely looks similar to Chanel!


  5. Omg Sheila, you fooled me there! It looks so similar, what a great find. I would love a boy bag too but I wanted to add a jumbo flap to my collection first. I really like yours. Did you buy it in Seattle?

    xo Jo


    1. Thanks Jo! I emailed you back to your question about my Chanel jumbo. :)

  6. I can't believe how similar to the boy bag it is. Great budget friendly find.


  7. What a great save option! I can't tell the difference from your pics, great find Sheila! =)


    I hope you have a great weekend!


  8. whoa what a great dupe!! so cute!! i love the chanel boy too.. but i'm content and trying to be good (for now) LOLS!!


  9. Great dupe.=) I would love to splurge but I think it's just too expensive... at least for the moment.;-)

  10. Gorgeous look!

    <3, Lina

  11. Absolutely adore this dark, edgy, and boxy bag with the floral print, very cute!



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