Travel Diary: Paris [Part 1]

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

As I had mentioned in my prior post, the Hubs and I had decided to celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary by taking a Eurotrip. First stop was Paris, France! It took us about two months to plan everything which didn't seem like a lot of time but good enough for it being our first time. Paris was exactly how I had imagined it and more! It was amazing with all the food, sights, and people. I absolutely loved every bit of the city and can't wait to share with you guys part of our trip there!

We arrived early morning after a 10+ hours flight and was able to take the RER B train from the CDG airport to our hotel. We also got to check-in early so we settled in and got ready to explore! We had to pick-up our museum passes at the Office du Tourisme in the Opera area so we took the train and found our way there. Tip - I highly recommend ordering your museum passes online and picking them up once arrived. It's much easier to have on hand without waiting in line to buy tickets! And you can bypass most entry lines at the museums. :)

 I will post another photo diary later as there were too many photos to shuffle through. 

1. Bonjour La Tour Eiffel! The amazing view from our hotel window. 
2. Walking along the streets of Paris. Trying to blend in with the locals.
3. First eats at Le Petit Cler - escargots a la Bourguignonne!
4. Arrived in Opera and spotted the Academie Nationale De Musique 
5. On our way to pickup the museum passes and stumbled upon Pierre Herme
6. Delicious moules frites! Especially with fresh baguette to dip with.
7. Arc De Triomphe - to get there we had to go underground.
8. Pain au chocolat from the local bakery.
9. People piling on for the Seine River Cruise Tours. 
10. Yep, had to try a double cheeseburger at MCDs. Tastes the same!
11. Hustle and bustle inside Laduree on Champs Elysees. 
12. Practicing my French from the Laduree dinner menu. 
13. Celebrated our anniversary dinner at Les Cocottes -
 [Seabass with Paimpol haricot beans, mushrooms and shellfish sauce]
14. J'adore Paris <3

Stay tuned for Paris [Part Deux]!


  1. Nice post, with pretty photos, I hope you enjoy my city :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! Looks like so much fun!


  3. can't wait to see more photos! I dream of visiting Paris and Europe in general. I will definitely live vicariously through you! =)

  4. Hi Sheila, What beautiful photos! I love Paris too! Love the last pic, I tried doing the heart thing at Eiffel too but it looks nothing like yours. Lol. Can't wait to see more!

    xo Jo

  5. Stunning photos! Ah, I absolutely love Laduree

    Made in Mauve

  6. Outstanding pics that is and i really impress with those pics because i have wish to tour if Paris but due to some reason i can not go there but at that time i am in US and use GBt services for travel buses from new york to orlando ..

  7. Ahh your pictures make me miss Paris so much, it's such a beautiful place!! Love your photo's!! :) X

  8. Amazing photos <3

  9. Ohhh my husband and I are coming up on 3 years too! A trip to Paris would be nice :) What a gorgeous city, looks like you guys had an amazing time! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  10. These photos are beautiful! Even the friggn McD's wrapper is cute! LOVED this post, you are making me pine for travel!

  11. What amazing photos dear! I can't wait to visit Paris once. x

  12. Oh my gosh Paris looks amazing! Beautiful pictures! :)

  13. Omg! its all so dreamy.. GReat post dear!

    <3 Una

  14. Wow amazing pictures! Enjoy your vacation. xoxo

  15. All that yummy food!! <3 I'm so glad you two enjoyed your trip!

    I hope you are having a great week!


  16. Wow your first wedding anniversary celebrations are looking damn good. The all pictures that you shared in your blog are very pretty especially last one. You took a perfect view of the tower. I have a great wish to visit Paris but unfortunately I never had a chance to complete my wish but I am glad because next month I am going there to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend. I am very excited about it. It’s just like I am dreaming. Now you can guess how much I am excited about it. Yesterday I came from mini circle island tour. It was amazing. In the way of my home I was thinking about my next vacation plan and suddenly my friend told me about her marriage. So finally I am coming to my dreamland.

  17. your photos are making me want to go back to paris SO bad! which hotel did you stay at to have such a lovely view?

  18. The pictures look beautiful! -Del

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