ClassPass Fitness Review [Seattle]

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Remember when I announced that ClassPass was expanding to Seattle here? Well I was able to give ClassPass a go for a month and show you guys how great of a deal it is. Let's start out that I'm not much of a fitness person. In some occasion I do go to the gym and lift weights and do my squats but let's be honest.. I HATE sweating. I don't tend to sweat much but if I do.. I do. So when I was browsing through the studios in the Seattle area, I wanted to try out different studios - each to their own workout. I was hoping not to sweat much but hey if you're going to sweat might as well do it right for your body. ;)

Here's a breakdown on three studios that I had checked out during the month:

1. Barre3 - The first studio I decided to sign up for. I usually do pilates and yoga so adding a little bit of dance while stretching is invigorating. Plus the instructor and staff were super friendly and even wanted to learn more about ClassPass and thought it was such a good deal! :)

$20 per class (without membership) 

2. CorePower Yoga - This was my favorite class out of all three. I think because I used to go to hot yoga in the past and I am used to all the poses. So while the instructor was walking around the room telling us each pose to do, I was breezing through them and realized that the whole hour was up!

$20 per class (without membership)

3. Flywheel - I wasn't sure what to expect from this class but man this was intense! The instructor was very energetic and pumped up which is good for a class like this! I started to struggle in the middle but didn't give up. I felt great afterwards even though the entire time I kept thinking what am I doing here?? hahaha.. I definitely recommend it and go at your own pace for beginners. I kept my RPM at a steady 70-80 without pushing myself over too much. Slowly but surely I can get there. I also was able to bring along my husband as my guest and he enjoyed it a lot since he normally bikes for a workout and was at the top of the class according to the torqboard in front of us. #showoff  
$25 per class (without membership)

So if you are interested in signing up for ClassPass, you can go request an invite here and it's $99 per month for the membership and you can try different kinds of studios like I did for a good price. Because as you can see, cost per class can add up for each studio! 

And if you want to see the many studios in the Seattle area that ClassPass has so far. Click here! They are adding more and more each time. And offering ClassPass through the States so hopefully it will be coming soon to your city. :)

Disclaimer: ClassPass did give me the complimentary month membership so I can review. 
But all honest opinions and thoughts expressed were my own.  


  1. Lovely post! I really like your blog :)

  2. great post! fitness is everything :)

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  5. Nice! You really took advantage of the classes.. FlyWheel sounds so cool I wish we had something like that around here. xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  6. hehe :) I tried also all the three studios. My favorite is Barre3 ;)

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  9. I'm obsessed with ClassPass! I adore Flywheel, but also love Strala Yoga and Pilates Plus! We should connect!

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