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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Can't you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?? It just seems so bizarre to me! I hope everyone has gotten their holiday shopping and gifts all wrapped up! I know I did! hehe.. 

Don't forget to enter in my prior giveaway to win a pair of Polette frames here AND to make it even better, I've teamed up with a group of awesome bloggers for an Instagram giveaway here to win a holiday gift basket filled with goodies from Boots Beauty! It's all about giving this season! :)

Leaders Cosmetics recently sent me these face masks that will help with some problem areas of the face. Leaders is a leading skin-care company based in Korea known for their best-selling masks. They've recently launched their brand in sunny Los Angeles! I was asked about my skin and they sent me what they thought would help me out!

A little background on my skin: I have combination of oily and dry skin depending on the weather. There are some occasion when I can breakout with a blemish here and there.

Details of each face mask:

 Anti-Aging Treatment Mask

- helps reduce wrinkles
- improves skin elasticity 

- improves elasticity
- firming of fine lines

- brightens skin tone
- even skin tone

- cooling & soothing effect
- moisture balance and nutrition supply
- high elasticity improvement

Most of their masks are priced at $2.49-$3.49 each or $24.90 per box of 10 masks. 

So far I'm loving the Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch and the Anti-Aging Treatment Mask! You can never be too young to start making sure you don't get wrinkles! ;) You always have to prevent!

Since it is 'tis the season, I've teamed up with Leaders Cosmetics to host a fun giveaway for you guys! The winner will get a choice of a box of face masks* from Leaders Cosmetics!
*excludes the Gold mask 

All you will need to do is follow the Rafflecopter below and a few mandatory steps:

 1. The first three steps within the Rafflecopter are mandatory in order to be entered.
2. The next two steps within the Rafflecopter are not mandatory but will give you more chances!
3. Please follow the rules and don't just click through. I will be validating your entries. :)

The winner will have 48 hours to reply back to my e-mail with shipping info once it has been announced. If not, I will pick another winner.

This giveaway is open to my U.S., Canada, and Mexico readers only.

Good luck!! And hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!


  1. I would love to win the Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask! :)

  2. The Coconut Gel Balancing Recovery Mask sounds amazing.

  3. This mask looks nice! http://www.leaderscosmeticshop.com/product-p/insolution-coconut-02.htm

  4. The Teatree Relaxing Renewal Mask sounds amazing!

  5. To help with my oily acne prone skin I would like the
    Coconut Gel Balancing Recovery Mask. Thanks for this opportunity.

  6. Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask

  7. Coconut Gel Balancing Recovery Mask!

  8. I'd love the AC Clear Treatment Mask


  9. Ooh, never heard of this brand before! Thanks for the quick info + review.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas away at Disney! Can't wait to hear about your trip :)

  10. The https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZk5ON9T7KY
    sounds pretty nice!


  11. The Collagen Boosting Renewal Mask, I could use some help with some fine lines!

  12. The Illuminating Treatment Mask

  13. Thanks for the review. I've heard so many great things about this brand. Will have to look into it.

  14. I would like to try the Illuminating Treatment Mask, or the Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask. Something to help brighten my face!

  15. Ahh I think I could use some collagen boosting myself!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. http://www.leaderscosmeticshop.com/product-p/mediu-03.htm

  17. Oh these are so cute! I am sucker for cute packaging

  18. The I'd love the AC Clear Treatment Mask

  19. Read all of the descriptions and really like the Illuminating Treatment Mask

  20. Collagen Boosting Renewal Mask!

  21. Definitely the collagen boosting renewal mask! They all sound wonderful but that one has to be my favorite(:

  22. I would really love to win the Coconut Gel Brightening Recovery Mask or the Pore Clinic Care 2 Step Kit! (it's filed under face mask so I guess it counts?)

  23. the eye one looks awesome :) i sometimes wake up with puffy eyelids so this seems like it would be a great treatment for that!

  24. These masks sounds great! Anything coconut is a win in my book so that Coconut Gel Brightening Mask definitely sounds appealing
    The Doctor Diva

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