Polka Doggie

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Top: Zara (Similar) (OR this)
Jacket: Target Kids (Similar)
Bottom: Zara (Similar)
Shoes: Converse Kids (Here)
Necklace: Oia Jules (Here)
Beanie: c/o Aeropostale x Bethany Mota (Sold Out)
Lips: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose (Here)

It has been clear blue skies and freezing temps over here in the Pacific Northwest. We got our first snow of the season on Saturday which quickly became ice and then melted to nothing by end of day. I love snow and think it makes everything look oh so pretty but can't take the cold that comes along with it! I found this doggie beanie from Aeropostale really cute and it kept my head warm the entire time. Too bad they're currently sold out but there's other options of beanies on their site! Also, I found this polka dotted moto jacket in the kids' section of Target that I couldn't stop thinking about. How cute is this? :)

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and Christmas is in 23 days!!

Also, don't forget to enter in my latest giveaway here to win a Target plaid scarf! :)

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  1. Love your outfit and of course the hat. Your dog is so cute! really adorable. I'm a dog lover :) x x


  2. I love that jacket! My 9 year old sister has it and I wanted it in my size! You're lucky it fit you! I love those crimson skinnies and your dog is adorable!

  3. Love the title of your post :) And I can't get over ever how cute your dog is! Love this polka dot bomber!

  4. nice look, great jacket:)

  5. Too cute!! Your puppy is adorable too! Glad I found you today on the Style Elixer Link up today I am now following

    Stop by!

  6. Your dog is adorable and I LOVE your polka dot jacket! :)


  7. I love your doggy! Such a little cutie pie! I hope you're staying warm Sheila :) It's raining down south here in SoCal, but I guess that's nothing to you guys!

  8. A polka-dotted and quilted jacket? Love it! I think you have the best accessory: a dog. It seems like he or she is posing right along with you. You're both great models!

  9. Your pup is adorable! And I love your beanie and jacket. Too cute!

    Audrey | Check out my latest post at http://www.keygypsy.com

  10. That hat is seriously adorable on you. And I love the polka dots!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. This whole look is adorable! I just love that jacket! Also, your pup is beautiful!

  12. gorgeous! I love that hat and we can we discuss how beautiful your pup is!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  13. Beautiful

  14. Your look is adorable, love the cute beanie and the dotted jacket <3 And your doggy, OMG is too cute <3
    Btw, It will be rainy tomorrow :(
    Have a lovely day my dear! xoxo Lara


  15. Such a cute beanie! Love your polkadots outfit and your dogs too :)

  16. I went to Aeropostale over the holiday weekend and thought of you! :)

  17. Great look Sheila! Definitely need a beanie to keep warm in this weather!


  18. Big polka dot fan here! I love that jacket and your dog is soo cute! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  19. It's so crazy how when the sky is clear and sunny, it's colder than when it's grey and cloudy. How stinking cute is that hat?!


  20. love the polka dots and your gorgeous dog!

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