Semi-Messy Hair Tutorial feat. Obadiah Salon

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Something new happening today on the blog.. I've teamed up with Obadiah Salon to give you guys my first ever hair tutorial featuring the Oribe Dry Texturing Spray! To give you guys some background on my hair, it has always been fine with lots of baby hairs. It also gets frizzy when it comes to humidity, which sucks when we travel to Hawaii or anywhere hot. And I have to wash it every other day because the oils in my hair builds up so fast leaving me with greasy hair by the third day. Overall, it just doesn't do well. And unfortunately I also have to use hair tools in order to style my hair correctly to the way I would like it.. which means damaging my hair more than I should be. I wish that I can be one of those girls that air-dries the hair and just spray some product on my hair and zoom out the door. But reality hits and I have to just deal with it. So with using hair tools almost every day, I have to use products that will help prevent further damage which means heat protectant sprays and nourishing the ends with leave-in conditioners.

This hair tutorial will show you how I curl my hair and create a semi-messy look without looking too done up if that makes any sense. haha.. The Oribe Dry Texturing Spray creates volume to the hair that's been freshly washed or even can be used as a dry shampoo for second or third day hair! I've been using it almost every day this week and just LOVE it! I even think the smell is amazing! :)

Products that I use (listed out below):

Right: Oribe Dry Texturing Spray c/o Obadiah Salon

My Before pic after putting in a pump of the Bed Head Meringue from mid-shaft to the ends. Then any leftover product in my palms then into the roots. For added condition, I use the It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Lite and spray evenly all over my hair and a tiny half-pump (size of a dime) of Macadamia Leave-In Conditioner just to massage into the ends only. 

Spray evenly around my hair using the TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray and clipping half of my hair up to work the bottom half first before curling.

FYI - if you're wondering.. I'm looking into my vanity mirror on the table to get a better view on what I'm exactly doing. ;)

I'm using a 1 1/2" Revlon Curling Iron (Similar) to create big curls for the bottom half. Sometimes I use it for the whole head if I want more waves than curls. 

Grab a section of hair and curl away from the face and hold it for at least ten seconds. I count in my head.. do do doo.. haha.. Also, it's important for the heat protectant so it doesn't burn anything!

After curling the whole bottom half, I use my fingers to loosen them up to create volume.

If I use the 1 1/2" curling iron for the whole head, then I am done. But in this case, I decided to use my Conair Curling Wand which I like because it is clipless. The only thing is mastering how to use it without burning yourself.. that I'm still working on. So I'm using the half-glove that it comes with. Or at times I do alternate with my Hot Tools 1" Curling Iron which I love using as well. :)

Section out and I alternate from curling away from the face and towards the face. I don't like it too uniform so I just grab sections and curl. I will be "messing" it up so it won't be looking too neat.

After I'm done curling, I use my fingers to 'mess' up the tight curls by loosening up. 

Shake the Oribe Dry Texturing Spray up very well and from a further distance of the head, grab a section of hair and lift up to spray towards the roots. Continue to do the same evenly around the head.
(The picture is a demo but it needs to be further than shown.)

Ta-da! The finished After look! 
Top: c/o Aeropostale (Here)
Necklace: c/o 9th & Elm (Similar)
Earring: Brandy Melville
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (Here)

I basically sprayed and used my fingers to massage my scalp and hair around to get the product in. I made sure to lift my roots up while doing this so it'll create more volume and have the nice semi-messy look without being too crazy looking. As you can see... and do a little teasing with the comb. ;)

And for the next few days, I just re-curl a few sections of the hair and spray the Oribe again. It makes my hair feel like it has some 'grit' to it without feeling OR being dirty. A huge improvement in my hair routine now that I've been using this. I just love the way it feels and did I mention.. the amazing SMELL?! hahaha..
Hope you've enjoyed this hair tutorial and please let me know what hair product that you love!
 If any of you are in the Seattle/Bellevue area and am in need of a hair cut/pampering/blow dry styling (they do it all!), check Obadiah Salon out! You can click on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
And their address and phone number is:

10500 NE 8th Street, Suite 214
Bellevue, WA 98004

They will be opening up a second location in the near future! Keep your eyes and ears open! :) 

Disclaimer: Obadiah Salon did give me the complimentary product so I can style and review. 
But all honest opinions and thoughts expressed were my own.  


  1. Love that Tresemme spray. I use it everyday on my hair =)

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! What a great tutorial girl!

  3. Great tutorial! I wish I could tame my hair, but it just doesn't behave. I use the Moroccan Styling Oil Infusion by Suave or the Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell to try to calm down the frizz.

  4. Love your hair like this, thanks for the tutorial!

    xx Cara

  5. great tutorial! =D I don't curl my hair as often as I used to but I definitely plan to get back on that train. hehe

  6. Fantastic messy hair look, thx for the tutorial.

  7. I love this look!! I definitely need to curl my hair more often.


  8. Great tuitorial! And I love dry shampoo! Caroline

  9. I've been wanting to check out that salon!

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