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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tray Creation Kit: includes the Catalyst paste and Base paste with the mouth guards to create your molds. Plus instructions and a prepaid shipping envelope to send your molds back to their lab.

Steps of how to create the paste for your teeth molds. Combine the Catalyst paste and Base paste together.

Once your teeth molds are created, you will send them back in for the labs to create your actual trays.
(disclaimer: they sent me back our actual clay molds which typically isn't included, this is just for photos!)

The trays takes only a few weeks to make and they ship them to you. They're clear and fits perfectly!

In the kit, you will get tubes of teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel. It helps when you have sensitive teeth like me! 

The trays fitted perfectly to both of our teeth with just enough space for the gels. :)

 Top: Before photos // Bottom: After photos

Happy Tuesday!

This post is long over-due. It has taken me about a month to put this review and post together considering on trying out the product thoroughly. Smile Brilliant had reached out to me to see if I would give their teeth whitening kit a try. They were happy to supply enough for the Hubs and I to both try it out and experience it together. :) 

The tray creation kit itself came with all the supplies to create your teeth molds. Along with instructions on how to, which is very simple and easy to follow! Once your molds are created, you simply ship them back in a prepaid shipping envelope that they've included. It goes straight to their labs where they use your molds to produce the trays! It takes only a few weeks and voila! You are ready to whiten your teeth! Now, I must note that I used to whiten my teeth with the Crest whitening strips ever since I was in high school. And I also use whitening toothpaste plus mouthwash on the daily so my teeth are pretty pearly already. But it didn't hurt to give it a try still! I actually think Smile Brilliant's process of whitening is much easier and convenient as the trays are molded to your teeth. So there wasn't any slipping (like the strips) and it'll get into every cracks! And since these are custom-fitted trays, Smile Brilliant offers them at a very decent price compared to dentists who will charge $500+ for similar product. 

As you can see on my Before and After photos (above), after using it for a few weeks.. my teeth are still pretty pearly and not a HUGE difference but I def feel that it's whitened a shade up. The Hubs said the same for him and he even slept with the trays on a few nights! I usually leave it on for only 30 mins or less depending on my mood. The trays are easy to clean and the tubes are easy to apply the gels. 

For more info, you can go check out this video here and other reviews/testimonials here

Disclaimer: Smile Brilliant did send me the complimentary products for a review. 
But all honest opinions and thoughts expressed were my own.  


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