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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dress: c/o Shabby Apple (Here)
Necklace: c/o 9th&Elm (Similar)
Choker: Forever 21 (Similar)
Lips: MAC 'Velvet Teddy' lipstick (Here) and MAC 'Whirl' lip pencil (Here)

Happy Thursday!

Hopefully you noticed a good change in the blog images quality. I got a new DSLR camera! The Hubs decided to surprise me early with my birthday gift (coming next week!) so I couldn't wait to start shooting with it right away. :) We are still in the process of learning all the functions so please bear with us for the next couple of posts. haha.. 

I was sent this lovely Micha Maxi wrap dress from Shabby Apple recently and the colors are just so gorgeous together! They're super vibrant and clearly the jeweled tones is something that's more perfect for Spring! Which I cannot wait because I'm starting to get tired of this gloomy Winter we've been having. But I must be somewhat grateful for having all the rain than the buckets of snow that everyone else is enduring. Brrr! Hope you guys are keeping warm! 

As you can see, the maxi is slightly longer for my short frame but an simple alteration can fix that easily! In the meantime, throw on a pair of high heels and pair this dress with some other jewels to complete the look. :) Now onto the fun part! Shabby Apple was kind enough to give a lucky She is Lovely reader the chance to win a $50 gift card to spend on their site. Please see below for more giveaway details!

All you will need to do is follow the Rafflecopter below:

 1. The five steps within the Rafflecopter are mandatory in order to be entered.
2. The next four steps within the Rafflecopter is non-mandatory but will give you more entries!
3. Please follow the rules and don't just click through. I will be validating your entries. :)

This giveaway is open to everyone (U.S./Canada and International)!

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top: Nike (Here)
Bottom: c/o PPZ (Here)

Happy Tuesday!

Is there any such thing as the comfiest yoga pants ever? I mean, I love my lululemon crops but... these yoga pants from PPZ are just SO comfy! I've wore these to my spin classes, pilates, and circuit trainings so far and they've held up so nicely! And not to mention lounging around in my house. I also don't mind that big band around the waist which kinda reminds me of Victoria's Secret Pink.  
A little about PPZ - they are a fashion brand that sells lingerie for both fashion and comfort. They have a good range on their website from bras to shapewears. And their prices are hard to beat! 
For more info - check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Amour Vert

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dress: c/o Lyon + Post (Similar)
Cardigan: Madewell (Here)
Leggings: c/o Kushyfoot (Here)
Shoes: Zara (Similar)
Necklace: H&M (Similar)
Watch: c/o AIBI watch (Here)
Hat: c/o Fred Meyer (Similar)
Purse: Celine 'Trio' (Here - in Royal Blue)

Happy Tuesday!

I had a previous post where I talked about Lyon + Post which is a website that allows you to try on clothes in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of fitting rooms. You then keep what you like and send back the rest which is simple! They had gifted me with a pick from their website and I ended up keeping this pretty Amour Vert dress with a geometric mod pattern. It's different than what I usually go for which is why I like it! And navy blue is closer enough to black.. am I right? ;)

I've been loving these patent Zara ankle boots that I scored recently that I had to tell a tiny backstory on how I got them in the first place! I've been eyeing on these for months in advance on their website and finally after waiting patiently.. they were on sale in stores! I saw that all they had left were big sizes so I figured there was no way that they would have my size. After looking around, I noticed one boot that looked smaller so I picked it up and saw it was in my size! What are the odds! So of course, looking closest to it, no boot twin in sight. I practically gave up hope finding it but after searching the whole entire store.. I stumbled across the boot twin just like that! No joke, I re-looked at a spot that I knew I was looking before and noticed one missing the other and picked it up and voila! Meant to be! Moral of this story is.. never give up your determination! haha..

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Mystique Flower

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top: c/o Aeropostale (Similar)
Vest: Old Navy (Here)
Leggings: c/o Aeropostale (Here)
Shoes: Zara (Here)
Hat: Zara (Similar)
Necklace: c/o oNecklace (Here)
Bracelet: Madewell (Here)
Watch: c/o AIBI watch (Here)
Sunglasses: c/o Polette (Here)
Lips: MAC 'Rebel' (Here)

Happy Thursday!

You would never guess that these new sunglasses that I received from Polette are called "Mystique Flower". The name in itself makes them sound like a rockstar! Doesn't it? haha.. I chose these pair because they're different than any other pair I have and the cool floral print around the frames makes it so cool and unique! My go-to outfit has quite neutral so the pop of color from the sunnies has been the perfect touch!

For all my lovely readers, you can use the code "LOVELY" to receive 10% off on their website (excluding sales, $6.99, e-Polette). You have until January 31st, 2016 to use this voucher. :)

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2016 Resolutions with Teavana

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kobi checking out the Teavana Wellness care package.. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

I've partnered up with Teavana to bring you my New Years Resolutions for 2016! I know each start of a new year I always think of ones that I try my best to keep but most of the time I only can keep up with it for the first few months then I'm back to my old habits again. This time with the help of Teavana and the wellness care package that they had sent me. I'm going to try again and let's hope I will stick to them! ;) 

Teavana included two of their brand new Wellness teas that each has their own purpose to help your better being. I chose Purify and Serenity because not only did they each sounded really good in terms of their tea descriptions but I felt both would definitely help me along with my resolutions. Purify to cleanse myself and hydrate my skin and Serenity to unwind in my own little world with a clear mind. They had also sent me a Grey Matte Contour Tumbler, Dream Zone Eye Mask, and a Rifle Paper Co notebook. All things that I can use towards helping achieve my resolutions!

Onto my New Years Resolutions..

Keep Healthy: This one is probably on everyone's resolutions list but it's not as easy as it sounds. I mean how easy is it to become couch potato and grab some fast food. Try meal planning and making the right choices on healthier foods to eat is key. And instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, I've been drinking a cup of Purify wellness tea! I really feel better about myself when I do. And less caffeine!
Go to the Gym: I can't say how many times I've tried this.. but in all honesty I don't want to give up but just finding the balance of time and hitting the gym is tough sometimes! I did rejoin ClassPass this month and have signed up for different classes (ie.. barre3, hot yoga, pilates). It's good to have variety instead of the same thing over and over.. I tend to get bored easily.
Drink More Tea: This goes along with keeping healthy.. if you read more articles on the benefits of teas. You will be intrigued to see how teas can help your whole well-being. When I was younger, I read a cup of green tea a day helps reduce the risk of cancer. When I read that, I drank a cup of green tea every day for 3 months straight. No joke! I did stop because I got lazy but now with the Teavana tumbler, there's no excuse to not grab and go about my day. 
Find More 'ME' Time: I have a full-time job in the corporate world AND I blog part-time. When I get home from a long day at work, I cook and clean then I go straight to my laptop to work on my next blog post. It's hard to find that time to myself when I'm always seem to be busy. But finding that moment to unwind and give myself the time I deserve is good while drinking some Serenity wellness tea. 
Keep Calm and Patient: For anyone who knows me, I tend to be a patient enough but in reality I'm a pretty impatient person (you can ask my husband!). I get anxious whenever I get emails that I feel the need to reply right away. I start getting sorta panicky whenever brands/sponsors sends me packages and I don't receive them in a timely manner (thinking they've got lost in the mail). I need to learn how to let things take their course and let it be. Most of the time I can't even control the situation so I just need to stay calm. 
Stay Positive: My last resolution seems simple enough to do right? Whenever things gets me down, it's hard to stay positive without thinking negative but if I change my mindset and hope for the best and don't let certain things get to me. I feel like I can do anything for a positive outcome! :) 

So those are my resolutions for 2016! What are some of yours? I would love to know!

And definitely go check out the new Wellness Teas from Teavana. They have other wellness selections besides the ones they had sent me. Each sounds really amazing! 

Lancome Le Teint Particulier

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Thursday!

This long post has been overdue thanks to the overwhelming holiday schedule, I just couldn't fit this in with all the photos we had taken during my wonderful experience with the Lancome and Nordstrom team. About two months ago, I got invited to the Lancome launch party for their new product called Le Teint Particulier which was their first ever customizable foundation. It was held at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom and the president of Lancome, Xavier Vey was there explaining the product and how the whole concept came about. They did a demonstration and the foundation looked amazing on the model. Unfortunately I was unable to give it a try at the time, so the reps at Lancome and Nordstrom Seattle went above and beyond to get an appointment setup just for me. 

I got to meet up with the lovely Jenessa who was super sweet and did my whole foundation process while explaining to me step by step of the amazing technology that they use. First, she had to clean my whole face in order to get a proper scan of my complexion color for the foundation match. After we discussed on my skin type and what kind of coverage I was looking for. She scanned my lower cheeks with the scanner to get the most accurate color. And the computer was able to pickup exactly what color I would be, then she manually inputs my skin type and for a medium coverage. Once all the necessary info was inputted, the machine starts pumping and squirting in all the stuff to make my foundation. After that, the mixture gets shaken up in their mixer and ta-da! My own perfect Le Teint Particulier foundation has been made! :)

Jenessa also prints out my personalize label which has my complexion ID# and my name printed. So whenever I need to replenish it, I can just bring in my complexion ID# and they would be able to make me another bottle. How awesome is that? With the label printed, Jenessa then puts on the black gloves service to put together my bottle with a small presentation. You can tell how thrilled I was with the results! I was really amazed how well the foundation matched my complexion and the best part of it all, the foundation didn't need to be set with a powder. An extra step gone!  

Thanks again to the amazing reps at Lancome and Nordstrom Seattle for letting me to try our their newest technology. The Downtown Nordstrom in Seattle is one of the only two in the world that has this machine to make Le Teint Particulier.  :) So if you're in the area, definitely go check it out and give it a try! The foundation retails at $80. 

Disclaimer: Lancome gifted me this complimentary product for a product review. 
But all honest opinions and thoughts expressed were my own.  
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