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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kobi checking out the Teavana Wellness care package.. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

I've partnered up with Teavana to bring you my New Years Resolutions for 2016! I know each start of a new year I always think of ones that I try my best to keep but most of the time I only can keep up with it for the first few months then I'm back to my old habits again. This time with the help of Teavana and the wellness care package that they had sent me. I'm going to try again and let's hope I will stick to them! ;) 

Teavana included two of their brand new Wellness teas that each has their own purpose to help your better being. I chose Purify and Serenity because not only did they each sounded really good in terms of their tea descriptions but I felt both would definitely help me along with my resolutions. Purify to cleanse myself and hydrate my skin and Serenity to unwind in my own little world with a clear mind. They had also sent me a Grey Matte Contour Tumbler, Dream Zone Eye Mask, and a Rifle Paper Co notebook. All things that I can use towards helping achieve my resolutions!

Onto my New Years Resolutions..

Keep Healthy: This one is probably on everyone's resolutions list but it's not as easy as it sounds. I mean how easy is it to become couch potato and grab some fast food. Try meal planning and making the right choices on healthier foods to eat is key. And instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, I've been drinking a cup of Purify wellness tea! I really feel better about myself when I do. And less caffeine!
Go to the Gym: I can't say how many times I've tried this.. but in all honesty I don't want to give up but just finding the balance of time and hitting the gym is tough sometimes! I did rejoin ClassPass this month and have signed up for different classes (ie.. barre3, hot yoga, pilates). It's good to have variety instead of the same thing over and over.. I tend to get bored easily.
Drink More Tea: This goes along with keeping healthy.. if you read more articles on the benefits of teas. You will be intrigued to see how teas can help your whole well-being. When I was younger, I read a cup of green tea a day helps reduce the risk of cancer. When I read that, I drank a cup of green tea every day for 3 months straight. No joke! I did stop because I got lazy but now with the Teavana tumbler, there's no excuse to not grab and go about my day. 
Find More 'ME' Time: I have a full-time job in the corporate world AND I blog part-time. When I get home from a long day at work, I cook and clean then I go straight to my laptop to work on my next blog post. It's hard to find that time to myself when I'm always seem to be busy. But finding that moment to unwind and give myself the time I deserve is good while drinking some Serenity wellness tea. 
Keep Calm and Patient: For anyone who knows me, I tend to be a patient enough but in reality I'm a pretty impatient person (you can ask my husband!). I get anxious whenever I get emails that I feel the need to reply right away. I start getting sorta panicky whenever brands/sponsors sends me packages and I don't receive them in a timely manner (thinking they've got lost in the mail). I need to learn how to let things take their course and let it be. Most of the time I can't even control the situation so I just need to stay calm. 
Stay Positive: My last resolution seems simple enough to do right? Whenever things gets me down, it's hard to stay positive without thinking negative but if I change my mindset and hope for the best and don't let certain things get to me. I feel like I can do anything for a positive outcome! :) 

So those are my resolutions for 2016! What are some of yours? I would love to know!

And definitely go check out the new Wellness Teas from Teavana. They have other wellness selections besides the ones they had sent me. Each sounds really amazing! 


  1. Great resolutions, good luck girl :)

  2. Great text and dog is so cute :)

  3. How lovely! :) Great resolutions! I love Teavana so much. Their teas are so soothing :)

  4. My new year resolution also includes having more me time. Happy new year dear. thats a pretty notebook by the way.

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