Sushi Kashiba [Seattle]

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Assorted Tuna (forgot which was which) except Toro (on right)

Albacore Tuna, Yellow Tail, and Toro

Chef Shiro Kashiba 

Tai Snapper, Flounder, and Sawara

Salmon w/ onion and Sockeye Salmon

Chef making a special birthday nigiri for the Hubs with truffle salt and oil. ;) 

Sweet Shrimp and Fried Shrimp Head

Geoduck and Scallop

Uni hand roll

Restaurant: Sushi Kashiba

Location: 86 Pine St Ste 1, Seattle 98101

For those of you who may follow me on Snapchat (@sheislovelyblog), you would've seen that the Saturday before last was the Hub's birthday! So to satisfy his (and mine!) sushi cravings, I made reservations at Sushi Kashiba which is a Japanese restaurant that was recently opened by Chef Siro Kashiba located down at Pike Place. 

The restaurant opened at 5pm but in order to get a seat at the sushi bar, it's a first-come first-serve basis. The reservations that I had made was for dining room only. But for a whole experience we wanted that sushi bar. So we made our way and got there around 4:30pm. The line was already formed (picture below) since 2:45pm.. 

We were still hopeful as the host went down the line to put the names down for the 14 guests that will be seated at the sushi bar right when they open at 5pm. Just as we were next, we overheard him state there were only two seats left at the sushi bar until the next round... we crossed our fingers and we scored those last two seats! Before the restaurant even opened, they were already filled until 9pm for the sushi bar. We just got SO lucky! Even better was we got seated right in the middle of the sushi bar close to Chef Shiro himself! 

We each chose to go with the Chef's Choice Omakase which was 19 pieces of fresh nigiri all hand formed and placed on the wooden plate directly in front of you. The above photos only shows part of what we had that night. If I posted every single piece, this post would be super long and you would be sushi jealous! I know I'm already getting hungry just by looking at these again. ;) Watching the Chefs do their magic was amazing and we couldn't stop raving on each bite we took! Some fish I've never thought of trying, and to be honest I had never cared for uni (sea urchin) but when I was handed an uni hand roll. I took a deep breath and ate it and was pleasantly surprised how good it was! I am now a uni fan!

We actually ended up eating 24 pieces of nigiri plus two hand rolls due to the Hub's request. Hey the birthday boy gets what he wants right? haha.. Overall the experience and food was delicious! I highly recommend going and trying to score a seat at the sushi bar. It's definitely worth it! Just remember to get there early! :)


  1. I can't wait to try this place out! HBD to your Hub!

  2. Man, those sushi looked so fresh and delicious Sheila!

    xo Jo

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