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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

I had received a few samples from MAKE Beauty that I wanted to share with you guys today on the blog. And to be honest, normally I wouldn't be using stock photos from sponsors but the samples that I had received were pretty small that it wouldn't give you guys a good close-up look to what the color of the lipstick and eye shadow really is. So to make this a better product review, I'm using their stock photos but giving you my opinion on each. :)

Matte Finish Eye shadow in Alabaster (Here) 

Retail Price: $25 USD

This eye shadow is a great color to use as a brow bone highlight or inner corners of the eyes. I wouldn't use it for any other part of the eyes besides that simply because the color shade is a tad too light to use on the eye lids. Glides on smoothly and the shadow itself had a nice texture to it. Not grainy at all. 

Silk Cream Lipstick in Taffy (Here)

Retail Price: $25 USD

A pretty berry-ish color for the lips when using it on a daily. It has great pigmentation and I found that it wears nicely though-out the day without having to re-apply as much. The travel-sized tube that they sent me is perfect to take along in the purse anywhere and I wouldn't mind using this color if this was the only I had laying around. It's almost like your lips but better. :) 

For more information on MAKE Beauty, check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

And you can use the promo code "MAKEYOURSELF" until 5/31/16 for 20% off your entire purchase!

Disclaimer: MAKE Beauty did send me the complimentary products for a review. 
But all honest opinions and thoughts expressed were my own.  


  1. In love with that lipstick color!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Great products, nice review. Thanks for sharing, nice work there!

    Osiarah xx


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