Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday!

Before the Holidays craziness started, Knack had sent me a choice of my own giftbox from their website which you can choose from a pre-made set or a custom one that you can put together yourself. I liked the idea of building my own just because you can pick and choose which item you would like and they will make it all pretty. I decided to pick items from the brand.. Herbivore which is a local Seattle brand. A fun fact - Knack has about 60% of items all from Pacific Northwest which is awesome because I love support the local businesses. :) I've seen Herbivore's products around Sephora and on Amazon and was always curious to give their products a try. So I though this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

Products listed above:

I loved my Knack giftbox so much that I ended up buying one for my cousin who lived out of state for their Christmas gift! Shipping took about a week even around the Holidays! You can schedule it out on when you would like it delivered and they also send you a screenshot of what the giftbox looks like before the recipient receives it! How cool is that?

To learn more about Knack, check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Disclaimer: Knack did send me the complimentary products for a review. 
But all honest opinions and thoughts expressed were my own.  


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