Day to Night feat. Jewelry

Thursday, May 4, 2017

*This post was sponsored by I was paid for this post and received jewelry pieces as compensation.

In today's post I will be showing you guys two different outfits transitioned between Day to Night featuring these gold jewelry pieces (necklace, bracelet, and earrings) c/o! The Day look is something that I love to wear on a weekend basis which is basically a simple comfy over-sized tee with a chunky flowing cardigan. Adding the gold jewelry and accessories helps elevate the outfit from just being too plain. Don't you think? For the Night look, by even changing the color of the lips already gives it that feel of going out to enjoy the night and the jewelry pieces helps bring it altogether and pop against the neutral palette of the whole outfit. Overall their pieces are pretty versatile due to their classic designs and can go well with just about any outfit put together which you can see above. :)

Let me know which outfit you like and what jewelry pieces that caught your eye!

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