Travel Diary: Paris 2017 vlog

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hey guys! 

It's been a while.. I know. Did you miss me? >.< I can use the typical excuse that I've been super busy which is true. But life has been a bit crazy lately and work has been busy and Summer just started. I have a log of drafts that's waiting to be published but just haven't had the time to write the paragraphs yet. But if you're reading this, I appreciate you still following along my blog! I promise there will be upcoming style posts and more product reviews especially for beauty. I also NEED to still post up my photo diary from our Paris/London trip back in March. We took over 6-7k of photos and videos and just haven't had the chance to go thru them all... plus a very special photo session that happened in Paris as well! In the meantime, please check out my Travel Diary to Paris if you haven't yet! This was my first time ever vlogging and posting a video up to YouTube. I've been asked plenty of times on why I haven't started a YouTube channel before (even though I enjoy watching it myself) which I don't know..  I just never really felt the need to get in front of the camera to record myself plus I really hate hearing myself talk.. lol! But after working on this short vlog, I seriously realize how much work it takes to put into each and every little clip and going with the music! Compared to that, blogging is so much easier! haha.. Well enjoy my travel diary vlog and see you guys on my next post!


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