Happy Six Years

Sunday, August 27, 2017

 Happy Sunday!

Today marks my 6 years wedding anniversary with the Hubs! Earlier this year we took an amazing trip back to Paris (slacking on the travel diary post.. I know) and before we went, this time around I thought it'll be fun to do a photoshoot in the most romantic city in the world! So I got in contact with The Paris Photographer after semi-stalking his Instagram and admiring his lovely work for weeks. We were lucky enough to book a shoot with Fran during one of the days that we had no plans set and here was the outcome! We had so much fun working with Fran and I would highly recommend booking an appt with him and his team if you're ever planning a trip to Paris! We chose the location spots and Fran took the lead on everything else. We were so thrilled on how these photos turned out and I'm so excited to be sharing a bit of them with you guys on our wedding anniversary. :)

Happy 6 Years Hunnie! <3


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